We have developed a series of services to ensure a smooth management and operation of the 800 PIZZA franchise. Among others

• Exclusive license to use the 800 PIZZA trademarks and trade dress in the franchised territory
• Exclusive license to the use of the 800 PIZZA marketing and operational systems.
• Assistance in the location selection.
• Construction specifications.
• Assistance in the construction of the franchised unit.
• Supply of equipment and furniture for the franchise unit (if required & depending on locations)
• Assistance in the pre-operational stage.
• Training to the franchisee's staff.
• Preparation of the marketing campaign to launch the franchised unit in UAE or Overseas.
• Permanent support & assistance.
• Signage and other branding elements for the decoration of the franchised unit.
• Permanent marketing assistance and support.
• Operations and Management Manuals.
• Supply of 800PIZZA's exclusive F&B items where required.


Training Support

Initial assistance provided by 800 PIZZA will include the following franchisee training programs:

Phase I — Training provided at a location designated by 800 PIZZA :

It is expected that 800 PIZZA Management will provide franchisees with approximately 21 to 30 days of initial training at 800 PIZZA headquarters or at a location designated by the 800 PIZZA Management, beginning approximately 6 to 9 weeks before the franchisee is scheduled to open for business. Phase I instruction will pertain to administrative, operational, and sales/marketing matters; it will also include a liberal amount of on-the-job training. This training will be provided for the franchisee and three (3) to five (5) designated attendees.

Phase II — Training provided at the franchisee's location:

On-site training typically takes place when the franchisee commences operations. Experienced trainers from 800 PIZZA will provide on-site training for a period of 10 to 14 days to assist the franchisee in the commencement of operations.